Created by Arborists for Arborists

Simarghu’s Male and Female harnesses are packed with unique features to give the wearer the very best
in flexibility of movement, robust and secure construction through attention to detail at every point.

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Truly the next-generation in climbing harness technology

From the ergonomic back pads designed specifically for both the male and female form, to the easy release buckles and adjusters.
The Simarghu Fire (male) and Gemini (female) harnesses offer the ultimate in safety and comfort.

Design Lead

User experience is at the heart of the Simarghu harness. Form and function, strength and security.

Fully Adjustable

Equipped with a unique Floating Bridge, this feature is central to the incredible lateral movement achievable within restricted areas.

Multi Featured

Rear Leg Pad adjusters and the unique Lower Multi Ring for perfect load bearing balance and positioning.

Superior Build

Constructed using the highest grade materials, fittings and adjusters with superb stitching at all points.

Simarghu a great fit for your safety.

Step inside Simarghu

Feature Rich and Built to Last

The Simarghu harness comes with a combination of great features that, when combined, offer the perfect fully
adjustable climbing harness on the market today.

Accessory Attachment points

Front and side D Rings, Chainsaw attachment point along with accessory hoops for all the equipment you will ever need.

D Rings

High strength forged rings allow snag free running with floating bridge.

Bridge Rope

Hardwearing Technora rope, longer life meaning fewer changes.

Lower Multi Rings

Infinitely adjustable, the unique design provides multiple attachment points allowing up to three anchor points.

Simarghu side-ring

Innovative Accessories

Available for both Fire & Gemini, there is also a fully adjustable ‘one-size-fits-all’ Chest Yoke, which clips directly on to your base harness while you’re wearing it, transforming it into a full-body fall/arrest harness in under a minute. The Chest Yoke can be worn with straight or crossed straps and is suitable for many applications such as SRT, having fully rated, front and rear attachment points.

Simarghu, Providing World Class Support

Set it up once and you are ready to go. With multiple adjustment points, including leg risers and the quick clip waist buckle, you can be assured of a beautiful fit over long periods working at height.

Technically Superior

The Simarghu’s construction and high grade materials are second to none. With breathable open cell foam pads that reduce heat and dissipates moisture ensuring greater comfort. The addition of the two unique Lower Multi Rings and the Floating Bridge is where the Simarghu really excels. Multiple attachment points give the freedom to achieve optimum balance and load bearing combined with Floating Bridge’s lateral movement.

Leading the way for Female Arborists

The Simarghu Gemini, a specific women’s harness, incorporates a special sub-harness which offers a better level of support.
This is the first, specifically designed harness for women in the industry, offering bespoke support and comfort to women that is a welcome addition to the market.

For the Shape

The ergonomic leg and waist pads have been created to ensure the optimum fit for the female form.

For the Support

The addition of the sub-harness generates anatomical support for the female pelvis.

"A groundbreaking design that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations- even with the bar set high. This truly feels like the future of arboricultural safety ."
Jane ThompsonTech Reviewer