Adjusting your harness

We’re busy completing some short videos that show how to dial in the adjustments of the Simarghu FIRE and GEMINI harnesses so you can get the optimum fit and comfort. As we all know, it is important that all harnesses are worn within their design parameters, something recently well highlighted in Treemagineers great blog, by Mark Bridge.

All harness manufacturers use the same standard dummy for testing, so therefore, for safe use, users should wear the harness in the manner in which it was designed to be worn. It’s worth pointing out that wearing a harness ‘skater’ style, with loading on thigh and hip (which is not where it should be), would cause the harness to be unsafe and ride up.

The incorrect positioning of the leg pads occurs with over extended straps, straps loosened or taken out of the rear keepers and the leg pads hanging loosely, just above the back of the knee.

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