Simarghu - Fire & Gemini Harness Manual

3 UK WARNING Incorrect use of this harness could be fatal, so prior to use YOU MUST : • Read and thoroughly understand this operating manual before using this harness. • Be a person in fit medical condition that can work at height and do so in both normal and emergency situations. If there are any points in this operating manual that you are unsure of, seek advice from a trained individual. • Be fully trained and competent in the use of the harness and familiar with the correct actions in case of an emergency prior to working at height. • Carry out appropriate visual and functionality checks before wearing this harness. • Assess the work area to ensure adequate supporting structural attachments are to be used. • Understand and accept the risk involved in use of this product. WARNING If you are in any doubt about the condition or function of this harness you must remove it from service immediately and contact the seller or manufacturer. A rescue plan should always be put in place ahead of working at height to ensure procedures can be put into action in the event of an accident or problem. This product must only be serviced by a trained and competent individual. Under no circumstances should the integrity of this harness be undermined by making modifications, repairs or alterations. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ANY OF THESE FACTORS MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.