Simarghu Italian Open Tree Climbing Competition

The Italian Open TCC and trade show attracted a large field of competitors from throughout Europe and in a blistering 32 degrees the masters climb proved challenging for the 5 finalists.

Local favourite Giovanni Ugo almost had his 9th Italian open win in the bag, when he timed out. One more minute would have given him time to complete his gear retrieval. Without the resulting 20 point deduction, the title would once more have easily been his after an excellent climb.

The Simarghu team were supporting Italian dealers, Climb Care, with Craig Johnson demonstrating the unique features of the Simarghu Fire and Gemini Harnesses to a very interested and enthusiastic group of climbers, all keen to try out these harnesses.

Climb Care partners were very excited to find “the real thing more than lived up to the expectations they had” and described both harnesses as “innovative and completely different from any other” They also expressed the view that “the Yoke was a brilliant add on which really put these harnesses in a class of their own”.

Simarghu Italian TCC Trade Show

The Simarghu team also supported dealers exhibiting at the French TCC and trade show.

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